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Restaurant & lounge bar 360
Their superior service, and the top of the notche menu, for which Executive Chef Jeffrey Vella has been acclaimed, is a pearl of the Adriatic's gastro scene.
Konoba Dubrava
This little hidden treasure is excatly the place where You will discover true Dalmatian cuisine, prepared in the same homemade, time-honoured manner for gennerations.
Restaurant Proto
Traditionally renowned for fish specialities prepared according to the old recipes of Dubrovnik fishermen. High quality of service and rich selection of local wines.
Restaurant Mimoza
Mimoza menu caters everyone's taste, offering a selection of dishes that are simple, inventive and surprising to a pleasing degree, and as a result, they are enjoying well-deserved popularity in Dubrovnik.
Restaurant Dubravka
In the restaurant Dubravka 1836 you can enjoy the well-known Mediterranean cuisine prepared by top cooking masters. The choice of a range of quality domestic and foreign wines, refreshing cocktails and drinks, and its pastry shop offers a rich selection of cakes and ice cream.